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Palladium pulls WUSF Radio underwriting to protest the decision to end jazz programming

Here is the message I sent to the WUSF-FM administration today (10-31-22) regarding the end of jazz programming:

Speaking for the Palladium and our audience, we remain very upset with the decision to remove jazz programming from the radio. 

From our viewpoint, the decision was made without a chance for public input or a timetable to give the public a chance to step up and show increased support.

We will be pulling our underwriting dollars off the station for now. We will publicly announce to our audience and supporters that we are doing that and will encourage them to do the same.

The Palladium has had a long and very positive relationship with WUSF, so we don’t make this move lightly. We need your listeners. They are our audience members.

But your decision to end a 56-year local tradition, without seeking public input and without advising your advertisers, has left us no other way to lodge our protest.

For now, we will spend our money elsewhere.

You can register your complaint about WUSF’s decision via email:

JoAnn Urofsky

Sheila Rue

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