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The Palladium fosters artistically and culturally diverse performing arts, and educational and community programs that bring artists and audiences together in an affordable, professional setting.

We will transform our 98-year-old historic building into a world-class venue for local artists and our community guaranteeing our future as the region’s cultural and educational anchor for decades to come. Renovations will make the Palladium experience more personal, more emotionally satisfying, and more connected to the life of our city.

Click on the video to hear about what the Palladium means to performers, directors, producers, and our community.

Meeting the future – Our Campaign for Growth

We are the only mid-size hall in our region supporting affordable professional and community performances. To survive and thrive, we must transform our historic building into a dynamic performing arts center.

What our $10 million makover will do


New comfortable theater seats will be installed so that you will not be seated directly behind the person in front of you, and the sightlines will be improved.


Our acoustics will be reimagined in consultation with world-renowned architects, Earl Swensson Associates, and acousticians, Akustiks.  Earl Swenson Associates designed Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and Akustiks recently completed transforming the sound in David Geffen Hall for the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center.  They are designing our Hough Concert Hall so that it will project the ideal sound for every music genre from orchestral to rock.


Renovation will provide a 21st century orchestral shell with music industry state-of-the art staging and technology.  The improvements will enable us to meet the expectations of our audiences and performers while remaining economically and artistically viable.

If you haven’t already watched the video above, click here to hear the excitement over the changes.

Why Support the Palladium

  • We are the only organization whose mission is to foster the visibility and growth of local artists — over 200 performances featuring 2,000 artists a year.
  • We are the only mid-size arts center in the region that offers a main stage and an intimate cabaret that showcases local talent at affordable rates.
  • We are the only theater to provide performing artists and groups with essential wraparound services, including staging, lighting, sound, box office, marketing, and media support.
  • We are the only theater to invest in artists by funding the creation and performances of their works though our Palladium Creative Fellows program. 
  • We are the only theater to serve as the professional “lab” for SPC’s music production and engineering students, providing internships that serve as job training and entry into the global music business. 
  • Our revenue directly supports performing local artists and arts groups and has an economic impact of over five million dollars to our local economy.

Capital Renovation is the key to our future and to programming growth

To survive and thrive in an industry that is ever evolving, we will transform our church building into a dynamic Twenty-first century industry-standard staging and technology improvements will enable us to meet the expectations of our audience, artists, and the marketplace.

  • Renovation will greatly enhance the audience experience.
  • Renovation will expand our business model, enabling us to earn additional income from recording sessions, streaming, video recording, mixed media, and other projects and capture bookings that now pass us by.
  • Renovation will ensure that the Palladium can maintain affordable booking rates and ticket prices and continue our role in developing and presenting local performers. 

Your support can help us make our dream come true

With your support we will build upon our founders’ vision and continue our mission as the professional, yet affordable, performing arts center in Tampa Bay. 

Our success will extend beyond the Palladium by providing a positive economic impact for the city, county, and region.

You can help by:

  • Donating now…all contributions are welcome.
  • Consider a leadership pledge and naming opportunity.

Contact Us

Paul Wilborn, Executive Director,

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are offered in grateful appreciation for leadership pledges to our campaign.

Named gifts visibly encourage others to contribute to our future. It will be our privilege to reserve your name, or business, or someone you would like to commemorate with this unique honor acknowledging your leadership contribution.
Naming opportunities may be pledged and fulfilled over three years.

Palladium Theater Committed
Concert HallCommitted
Stavros Great Room Committed
Side Door Cabaret $       2,000,000
Lobby $       500,000
Stage/Concert Shell      $       500,000
Portico Entrance  $       250,000
Breezeway Promenade $       100,000
Balcony $       100,000
Palladium Annex                 $       100,000
Parking LotCommitted
Palladium Courtyard           $       100,000
Outdoor LED Marquee $       100,000
Grand Staircase $         75,000
Principal Dressing Room 1 $         75,000
Principal Dressing Room 2 $         75,000
Lobby Concessions Committed
Side Door Concessions $         50,000
Director’s Office Committed
Green Room      $         50,000
Lobby Bar      $         50,000
Box Office Committed
Dressing Room 3$       50,000
Dressing Room 4$       50,000
Performance Loft           $       50,000
Administration Office  $       25,000
Elevator Lobby Downstairs      $       25,000
Elevator Lobby Upstairs  $       25,000
Elevator                $       25,000
Operations Office       $       25,000
Donor Recognition Wall$       25,000
Side Door Kitchen$       20,000
Technical WorkshopCommitted
Ushers Office$       15,000
Sound StationCommitted
Lighting Station            $       15,000
Palladium Workshop        $       15,000
Admin Restrooms (2)             $       10,000
Disabled Restroom$       10,000
Lobby Men’s RoomCommitted
Lobby Women’s Room         Committed

The St. Petersburg College Board of Trustees authorizes key naming opportunities to express the Palladium and the St. Petersburg College Foundation’s gratitude for your generous philanthropic support.  Donors are encouraged to choose one naming gift at their gift level. Family gifts may be combined for naming purposes. Naming plaques will be displayed for as long as St. Petersburg College operates the building as an education and performing arts center. 

Campaign Committee

  • Mark Anderson
  • Keith Bucklew
  • Irv Cohen
  • Gina Driscoll
  • Deborah Fineman
  • Bob Glaser
  • Tom Gribbin
  • Kanika Jelks-Tomalin
  • Diane Morton
  • David Ramsey
  • Susan Reiter
  • Jon Reno LaBudde
  • Rhonda Whitehead
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