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Two funny shows aimed at adults “of a certain age” are coming to the Palladium

While a lot of stand-up comedy today seems aimed at twenty-somethings, I know lots of people 40 and older who like to laugh – especially at themselves.


We’ve got two stand-up comedy shows coming up aimed squarely at the demographic that didn’t leave the crib with a smart phone clutched in their tiny little fingers.


This Friday, direct from a Showtime Comedy Special, we present Funny Women of a Certain Age, featuring four top touring comics who happen to have slipped past the velvet rope into their 40s and 50s.


And next weekend we’re bringing back the ageless comedy of G. David Howard, still the funniest man alive. More on that show in a moment.


Carol Montgomery

Carol Montgomery, who has been featured on two Showtime specials called Funny Women of a Certain Age, is the headliner of our show, and she’s bringing three other female comics she’s handpicked that fit the theme. To see a clip from the Showtime special just follow this link.


“These are all female headliners who work around the country,” said Bob Burr, who is partnering with the Palladium to produce the show. “They are all in their 40s and 50s and they have some seasoning. So they are going to talk a lot about getting older. It’s a funny show and aimed at a 21-and-older crowd.”


In this case you could say – 21-and-much-older. To see and hear these funny women on Friday, Oct. 25, at 8 p.m., you can call our box office at 727-822-3590 or follow this link for on-line tickets and information.


Twenty-one and much older is a good description of a G. David Howard show. He’s been an adult for a very long time and he just keeps getting funnier and his take on the foibles of life is always fresh. He’s back after two sold-out headlining shows in the Side Door. G. David has headlined around the country, but he’s called our area home for a few decades now and he is always working because funny is funny.

Jimmy V


Our comedy partner for this show is Ward Smith, another very funny guy. He’ll be performing along with Sheena Reagan, who was named “Florida’s Funniest Female” in 2018 and has made a lot of friends in her Side Door shows. And keeping with the mature theme the show is MC’d by Jimmy V, who counts both Harry Anderson and Soupy Sales on his comic resume.


For tickets and more information on Ward Smith and Friends on Saturday, Nov. 2, you can call our box office at 727-822-3590 or follow this link for on-line tickets.


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