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Sax master Jeremy Carter believes in the healing power of music in troubled times

I’m continuing our series of brief conversations with some of our favorite Palladium performers. Today I’m talking with sax star Jeremy Carter.


Jeremy has been part of the Palladium family for years and his “Soul of Jazz” shows have drawn sell-out crowds. He’s also been part of the James Suggs’ Miles Davis tributes and many other shows both on our mainstage and in Hough Hall. Jeremy’s a full-time musician who works regularly all over Florida. Or he did until the musical world shut down.


Even though this interview happened before the news arrived from Minneapolis, Jeremy spoke to the healing power of music in troubled times. Here’s our conversation:


PALLADIUMPAUL: When was your last paying music gig and do you have a paying gig coming up?



JEREMY CARTER: My last paying gig was March 4th. I currently don’t have any engagements scheduled for next month either.




Jeremy Carter

PP: What has kept you busy during this shutdown?




JC: As many know, I’m a pretty big motorcycle enthusiast so I’ve been doing quite a bit of riding lately. I’ve also been playing video games and watching old concerts on YouTube.




PP: Has there been a silver lining, personally, for you?




JC: There are a few things that I look at as being greatly beneficial for me. I’ve had the opportunity to sort of recharge. I was extremely busy just before the shutdown. So the time off has been great from that perspective. I’ve also had the opportunity to sharpen some of my tools. I’ve been able to commit much more time to learning things that please me instead of things I have to learn. I’ve also been able to spend more time with my family.




PP: Is there anything you’d like to share with your Palladium fans?



JC: To all my Palladium, I miss you all dearly and eagerly anticipate returning to the Palladium stage. Being around people is a huge part of what we do as musicians. Our inability to gather together have been extremely difficult, but am certain that our absence from what makes us whole will make the reunion even more sweet.


PP: Anything else you’d like to share?



JC: In closing, the gift of music is one that has tremendous healing power. Music has throughout history been a sort of mirror to our society. All the many challenges that we face both domestic and abroad have certainly provided many themes in which to explore musically.


I wish everyone out there peace and harmony.





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