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Palladium earning lots of media coverage as we restart live shows and launch a streaming series

After  six months without much entertainment news, the reopening of the Palladium is drawing some media attention.


I’m sharing links to a few really nice stories and an Zoom interview I did for the St. Pete Catalyst Sessions. If you missed any or all of these, they’ll give you a good picture of what’s happening and what’s on the horizon at The Palladium.


St. Pete Catalyst reports on the Palladium’s reopening weekend. Follow this link for that story.


St. Petersburg College produced a blog about the reappearance of live shows and other topics. Follow this link for that piece. 


I had a lot of fun talking live via Zoom with Bill DeYoung for the St. Pete Catalyst Sessions series. Here’s a link to that interview.


Upcoming live shows include stand-up comedy with Ward Smith and Friends on Saturday, Oct. 10 and a Bossa Nova Guitars show featuring Nate Najar and Phill Fest on Saturday, Oct. 17.


There are more stories coming up and I’ll share them here and on our Palladium Facebook and Instagram pages.

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