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Catch Apple Records’ “King of Fuh” Friday in the Side Door; he inspired Paul McCartney’s new single

Our Friday night stand-up comedy show in the Side Door features none other than Brute Force, the King of Fuh. And for a guy who first emerged in the 1960s as a songwriter and singer, he’s on a complete roll in 2018!


The hottest album release in the world today is by a young guy named Paul McCartney and Sir Paul references Brute’s King of Fuh tune on his song “Fuh You” from Egypt Station. Why? Because The Beatles released Brute’s tune King of Fuh on Apple Records in 1969. Only the eight release at that point for Apple. It was quickly banned and John, Paul, George and Ringo, only gave copies to friends.


Paul McCartney

You can read the complete story and hear both Brute Force’s King of Fuh and McCartney’s Fuh You video by following this link to Showbiz411.


Brute Force, AKA Stephen Friedland, will share the Side Door stage Friday night (10-5) with comics Ward Smith, Jander Gray and Mike Rivera. It’s going to be a night of comedy you won’t want to miss. Follow this link for on-line tickets and info on the show.


I chatted with Stephen “Brute Force” Friedland by phone from his apartment in NYC. By the time you read this, he’ll be checking on St. Pete and getting ready for our show.


“I coined the word Fuh in 1967 and recorded it in ‘68,” he told me.


Brute Force

Despite the obvious pun when you put Fuh and King together, Stephen told me the song was really very “1960s.”


“I wrote a poem about a furry king.  I saw Fuh and I saw King and that hit my head.” he said. “The song is about individuality and beauty. Nothing about sex really.”


Despite it being banned, a copy of the King of Fuh was passed by hand to the Beatles manager. Not long after that, Stephen answered his phone and George Harrison was on the line telling him Apple wanted to release the King of Fuh.


And now, all these years later, Paul McCartney is reviving the term on his mega-hit album, Egypt Station.


To Stephen, the reference by McCartney is nothing but a compliment.


“I admire him unbelievably. I think of how much happiness he has brought to the world. I’m just delighted to be however loosly connected with him.”


And now you can be connected with this whole crazy Land of Fuh and you can meet the King of Fuh, just for the price of a Side Door ticket.  See you Friday night for another hilarious edition of Ward Smith and Friends featuring Brute Force!






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