BEACON: An Evening of Dance

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  • Date: April 16, 2021 Fri
  • Time: 8:00 pm
  • Location: LiveStream
  • Tickets: $25

BEACON, the critically acclaimed platform for contemporary dance and multidisciplinary collaborations among artists working locally and nationally, returns to the Palladium for another dazzling performance – this time via livestream.

Over the past four seasons, BEACON Co-Producers Helen Hansen French and Lauren Slone have seen a growing circle of artists and supporters strive to create unforgettable evenings of dance.

Now in its fifth year, BEACON celebrates the strength and vibrancy of dance – an artistic form that prioritizes the live experience of physical connection – by continuing to focus on collaborations where artists’ powerful voices interconnect, resulting in a moving, spectacular performance.


Journey to Freedom: I remember that Night like it was Yesterday.
Created and Performed by Charlotte Johnson, Luis Alicea, Deven Filer, and Stefanie Maisonet

This excerpt from Journey to Freedom sheds Light on the real issue of Domestic violence within our communities. From start to finish it displays the history of mental illnesses that our military veterans suffer from and how that illness can bleed over to those we love the most.

Although this excerpt doesn’t showcase how these individuals come to a place of peace, the scenes definitely will hit home for so many and hopefully will leave you in suspense and ready to see more of what Journey to Freedom is all about.


an improvisational performance conceived by Erin Cardinal and Brian Fidalgo II
with artistic collaboration and direction by Robin Gordon and Michael Foley
text written by Nancy Stark Smith & David Koteen
performed by Erin Cardinal, Brian Fidalgo II, Robin Gordon, and Michael Foley

Confluence is a work rooted in contact improvisation. The dance is driven by excerpted text from the “interview” between Nancy Stark Smith and David Koteen from the book, Caught Falling. Not only is the dance improvised, but the order in which the text is performed is also unknown. The dancers respond through movement to the rich, playful, poignant text and to each other.

Contact Improvisation is “communication between two moving bodies that are in physical contact and their combined relationship to the physical laws that govern their motion—gravity, momentum, inertia.” –Steve Paxton

Cogs in the Machine

Choreographed by Christina Acosta
Performed by Dwayne Schuenemen and Sea Lea

Cogs in the Machine reveals an apocalyptic realm where even after life on earth has ended, machine parts continue to move and flourish.
The choreography challenges dancers to jolt, twist, hook, and magnetically partner in machine-like ways into calibration.

Helen Hansen French

Immure is inspired in part by the life of Hildegard von Bingen, Saint Hildegard, a 12th Century nun, healer, theologian, and composer. She was enclosed in a monastery as a child and had prophetic visions her whole life.

when the petals fall
Choreographer – Alexander Jones
Dancers: Carissa Bishop, Nicholas Daulton-Crotty, and Kirsten Standridge

It starts simple at first. Eye contact. A gentle nod. Body language. The conversation consists of gestures, all invitations to further the conversations. Then comes the pact. The agreement. Consent. A budding connection blooms into a ravishing relationship. Cycles spin chaotically in beautiful rhythmic patterns, culminating in unified release. The petals fall gentle in the glow of the sun.


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